In the year 2006, a group of like minded individuals got together and decided to form a Co-Operative society, in order to help it manage the affairs of the building independently of the builder. Led by Naresh Goomer, Dr.Tej Kuchroo, N R Aggarwal, etc, what followed was a protracted struggle with the builder to get the Society registered. In spite of numerous roadblocks and dilly-dallying by the builder, the efforts of these and other members soon bore fruit and the Registrar of Societies formally granted permission to CRYSTAL PLAZA PREMISES Co-Operative Society Ltd on 13th DEC 2010.

On 1st March 2011, a PROVISIONAL MANAGING COMMITTEE, comprising of members who were in the forefront of the battle to get the Society registered, was formed and took over the management of the building from the builder. Setting an impressive agenda to get the building back to its pristine glory, the PMC set about to correct the wrongs wrought by the builder.

It has been the decision of the new Managing Committee to appraise and keep abreast all the members of the Society with the working of the MC and be as transparent as possible in its dealings and decisions that would benefit the Society.

The website will be a platform for such endeavors, and will be a trove of information, news, happenings within the society as well as the Managing Committee. Apart from news and updates, the website also aims to be a single source of information for transfer procedures, NOC for mortgages, NOC for repairs by unit members, procedures for buying and selling, process for issuance of Share Certificates, application forms for Car Parking stickers, repairs and renovations within member's units and more...