In order to deal with a Society as large as ours it is necessary to ensure that major tasks are shared between all members of the Managing Committee, who can use their expertise and experience in resolving issues that occur on a day-to-day basis in the Society.

Sub-Committees have been formed in order to achieve this and ensure smooth running of the Society, the various Sub-Committees and their members are as under:

Sub-Committee Member
Security Davinder Suri, Bhushan Khanna
Parking Davinder Suri, Samir Manocha
Housekeeping Amit Mulchandani
Outstanding Samir Manocha
Revenue Generation Dr. Tej Kuchroo, Samir Manocha
Legal Dr. Tej Kuchroo, G S Kohli
Infrastructure(major) G S Kohli, Dr.Tej Kuchroo
Infrastructure (internal) Zubin Dastur, Amit Mulchandani
Share Certificates Davinder Suri
Repair Works Dr. T.Kuchroo, Samir Manocha