The Society's 1st General elections were held on 19th JAN 2012, wherein for the 1st time members had the opportunity to vote and elect members of their choice. A landslide victory ensured that a group of like-minded individuals got to form the Managing Committee that would run the affairs of the building and the society for the next 5 years.

On 24th JAN 2012, the new Managing Committee took over the charge of the building from the PMC and amongst its first task was to appoint office bearers:

Dr. Tej Kuchroo Hon. Chairman
Samir Manocha Hon. Secretary
Zubin Dastur Hon. Treasurer
Davinder Suri Hon. Jt. Secretary
Bhushan Khanna Member
G S Kohli Member
Ghanshyam Chugani Member
Dr Sandeep Bhurke Co-Opted Member
Amit Trivedi Co-Opted Member
Yash Prem Co-Opted Member